Downey LTD (Lift Top Design) Tonneau Cover
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    The new Downey LTD Tonneau has all the high quality features found on the Downey SST Tonneau plus it lifts up for easy access to the truck bed without unsnapping the cover. Convenience, flexibility, quality. Also, the LTD comes in a range of colors so there is bound to be a one that will compliment your truck. 

  • 10% Fuel Savings
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  • Pop N Lock
  • Dyno Electric
  • Tailgate Seal
    Downey LTD Features & Benefits
    Lift Top Design LTD Latching Mechanism Installs Easy, Works Great
    The LTD latching mechanism easily attaches to the frame with a unique Downey socket. Heavy-duty gas struts help the Downey LTD (Lift Top Design)
    Tonneau open and close with ease.

    Exclusive Patented Downey Inverted Cover Snap
    The LTD cover snaps and locking channel utilize the latest in computer design and composite technology. The inverted cover snap attaches anywhere along the poly-carbonate channel's length, there is nothing to realign. With no snaps to line up, putting the cover on and taking it off are a "snap".

    Inverted Cover Snap
    Aluminum Frame

    Black Frame Blends in for a Professional Finish
    The satin black aircraft quality anodized aluminum frame blends in so it looks good even with the cover off. The rails are padded so they won't damage the truck. The Downey LTD frame looks better and more professional than bright aluminum, especially on darker colors.

    Easy Snap Channel Means Quick Cover Removal
    The LTD also allows for easy access at the front of the bed to retrieve cargo that has slid forward or the entire cover can be quickly removed to carry large items in the bed, something you can't do with a hard top Tonneau.

    Helps Improve Fuel Economy
    The LTD
    Tonneau opens anywhere, including the front of the bed. And the LTD's sleek design helps improve fuel mileage by up to 10% for even more savings. "That's like a free gallon of fuel for every 20 gallons used!"

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